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  • Talk about a paradigm shift... this was it. Thank you. You are a gifted speaker. Very well done!

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  • Very insightful and contained thought provoking concepts. I was of the mindset that I needed to know the technology to perfection in order to succeed. Technology being what it is, ever changing, I was exhausting myself with no real growth or progress. I now know that it is only part of the equation and that I should focus more of my time and energy into creating relationships and trust with my clients. Thank you!

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MASTERING THE CODE: Software Leadership Workshop

A full day of fun, intentional skill building in becoming a great leader of software teams.   In person, face to face engagement, plus follow on 1:1 coaching to go from idea to implementation

How Great Software is REALLY Made

Ever feel

  • Like the life of your project is sputtering under the weight of miscommunication and technical complexity?

  • Like you've got tons of tools - you're great at the technical stuff, but not so great at the "people stuff" of leading technical teams?

Imagine a world where every code merge coincides with a fusion of minds, where every stand-up meeting resonates with clarity, and your team's spirit is positive and encouraging.


This workshop covers all the "sausage making" that no one talks about  or trains you for when you're running a dev project.  

That world is not a far-off dream—it's the reality we craft at "Mastering the Code".

Harness the Power:

  • Effective Communication: No more round peg, square hole scenarios; tailor your voice to be heard and understood.

  • Conflict Resolution: Turn inter-departmental rivalry into productive collaboration.

  • Innovative Stability: Blend groundbreaking ideas with process discipline for the best of both worlds.

  • Documented Success: Strategies for dealing with documentation that won't make your team shudder.

Each of these topics is intensely focused on the day to day realities of applying these ideas directly to your software development team.


You're "my people"

I've been a developer, a leader of software teams, a head of product, and a coach working with teams all over the world to create great software solutions from amazing teams.

Workshop Snapshot:

Picture this: A seasoned tech leader weaving tales of software success and misadventures with practical, hands-on strategies ready to implement.

This isn't your average lecture; it's an interactive, conversational journey through the heart of software team dynamics.

  • It's a full day of ideas, exercises, and innovation that will equip you to take your leadership and teamwork  to the next level.

  • More than that, it's 60 days of 1:1 coaching to support you and your team as you begin to put these ideas into practice.

Just for You:

VPs of IT, CTOs, Tech Managers, Lead Developers, and Architects—this is your call to arms. Sharpen your most underrated leadership skill: the human touch.

Ready to dive deep into the soul of software leadership?

Make It Happen:

Don't leave this page as just another unopened tab.

Your first step to harmonizing your technical Goliath with the finesse of people skills is a click away.


Connect with us now and avoid the digital dismay of could've, should've, would've.

Sharpen your leadership. Broaden your impact. Secure your legacy.

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Because when code meets connection, the possibilities are infinite.



Let's not code in silence. 

Reclaim the art of conversation, the warmth of appreciation, and the triumph of teamwork in the process of delivering code that matters. 


There's a seat with your name on it, where your leadership metamorphosis begins. 

Master the code; master the crowd; master your future.


Discover More


Mastering the Code: Where software leadership transcends the digital frontier. 


Stay with us.

The next chapter is just a workshop away...

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Workshop Details:

  • 1 Day in person workshop in metro Charlotte

  • Late April 2024

  • (Exact dates and location TBD)


  • Bring up to three (3) team members of your team with the same ticket

  • Registration is capped at 10 companies, max to deliver the best results

  • Normally, the investment to work with your company in a workshop like this is $15,000

  • This in person training, combined with 60 days of 1:1 implementation coaching for each participant is just $1,500/ticket


For maximum impact, this Mastering the Code workshop is limited to a small number of companies to ensure that each participant receives individualized attention.


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What kinds of problems are we solving?

For the brilliant minds leading the charge in the digital frontier, it's time to crack the people puzzle. Announcing a special one-day deep dive designed for software leaders who want to enhance their technical expertise with the finesse of interpersonal mastery.

At the "Mastering the Code" workshop, VPs of IT, Senior and Lead Developers, CTOs, Architects, and Tech Managers will uncover strategies that transform good teams into great ones.

Here, it's not all about bits and bytes; we'll be untangling the web of human interactions that can make or break any project.

Have you ever had an ingenious solution that couldn't gain support, not because it wasn't clever, but because the broader team wasn't onboard?

Get ready to learn techniques for articulating your vision in a way that others can't help but rally behind.

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The Political Problem

Navigating the politics of software development often feels like threading a needle in a windstorm. This program is your political soirée survival guide — from building bridges with other departments to establishing your team as the go-to problem solvers.

But it's not all about diplomacy. You'll leave armed with the insight to balance the scales of innovation and stability while increasing productivity through streamlined processes. Say goodbye to the risks that linger in the shadows of poor documentation; we'll equip you with the tools to mitigate and manage them before they surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • RSVP Riddles: So you're probably wondering, "How do I save my spot at the coolest workshop of the year?" or "Is there a secret handshake I need to learn?" Rest assured, signing up is easier than finding a meme for your Monday mood - sign up here
  • Location Lowdown: "Where's the magic happening?" Good question. Picture a place where the Wi-Fi is strong and the coffee is stronger. Stay tuned and we'll spill the beans on the location soon—trust me, it’s the kind of spot that even Google Maps gets excited about.
  • Time Crunch Conundrum: Juggling time zones? Next, you'll probably ask, "When do we kick this off? Is it aligned with my coffee o'clock?" We get it, timing is everything, so we’re crafting a schedule that plays nice with your busy day. Details incoming!
  • Dress Code Dilemmas: Got you scratching your head about what to wear? "Is it a hoodie affair, or do I need to dust off that suit?" Here's a hint: come as you are, but dress for comfort and creativity. This isn't the Met Gala, but we do want those brain waves to flow freely!
  • Tech Check Checklist: "Do I need to bring my laptop, or will a notepad suffice?" If you're torn between analog and digital, don't fret. We'll outline the tech specs closer to the date—though a thirst for knowledge is the most critical tool you'll need.
  • Cuisine Queries: And of course, "Will there be snacks? Is it even an event without food?" Let's just say that you won’t run on an empty stomach. Brains work best when fueled, so expect some brain food that will keep your gray cells grooving.

So keep your eyes peeled and your inboxes open. The when’s, where's, and what-to-brings are all about to be dropped like the hottest playlist of the year, and you’ll want to be the first to hear it.

Can you feel the anticipation in the air? I sure can, and I promise it’s not just my freshly brewed coffee sending out those vibes!

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At the workshop


But Tom: What kinds of questions will you answer at the workshop?

What's the not-so-secret ingredient to this team harmony that paves the way for victory laps around the productivity track?

I'll tell you this: it's not found in your typical management playbook.


Intrigued? You should be, because at the workshop, we’re dishing out the recipe for that secret sauce. It’s going to be like finding the missing piece of the puzzle that makes the whole picture come alive.

You won't want to miss this!

  • What about those time zones, though?: How do you harmonize a team when everyone's working clock looks different?
  • Emojis and GIFs – Really?: Sure, they're funny, but do they actually contribute to better communication and team building?
  • Feeling like a ghost in the machine?: Do you ever wonder if there's more to remote management than just making sure everyone's online?
  • Caught in the crossfire?: Anyone else tired of having their code caught up in the cross-barrels of office politics?
  • The 'good vibes only' myth: Is fostering high morale in the team really that easy, or is it just another corporate fairy tale?
  • Productivity magic – real or illusion?: Just how do you create that dream state where every project is a walk in the park?
  • Secret sauce – Does it even exist?: What if I told you we've got the recipe to turn every group project into a team victory – too good to be true?