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Tom Cooper, Principal Geek

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Does this happen to you?

  • You get invited to a meeting and have no idea why they asked you to come?
  • You leave a meeting and have no idea what the next steps are?
  • You call a meeting and have trouble getting people to show up on time - or even show up at all?
  • You feel like you spend far too much time and not enough time doing real work?

What if I told you that there are 3 simple steps to effective, productive, efficient meetings?

What if I said that you can learn these steps in less than 30 minutes?  

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I'll help you to

  • Create more effective meetings
  • Get people to cooperate - during and AFTER the session
  • Get real business value in less time - freeing you up for more important work!

Grab this FREE kit - it is a full training program - simple to use.  It gives you

  • A quick audio introduction
  • Simple "Leader's guide" to powerful discussion
  • Quality Handouts for you and your team members
  • A short downloadable audio lesson that gives you everything you need
  • Easy to use sample templates for meeting agenda and meeting minutes - with clear examples you can use immediately.

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