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The problem

Most of us geeks tend to be really great at the technical stuff, but not so great at the "people" stuff.  As a result, we struggle to communicate clearly, delegate effectively, manage conflict productively and plan well.
After years of frustration and struggle, I discovered that these critical skills are not magic - they are LEARNABLE, and when I learned them, my team got healthier.  My projects got done faster and better.  My customers were happier, and my boss gave me more team members and more work.

Why "Becoming a Geek Leader?"BecomingAGeekLeaderThumb

When I moved from being the smartest technical person to being the leader of smart technical people, I struggled.  I never learned these skills!  In school I studied memory management, compilers, abstract math and data communications theory.  I didn't learn about dealing with people.
As a geek, I'm on a mission to figure out better ways to lead others at work and at home.  This podcast is all about lessons I learned, lessons I'm learning, and experiences that my clients are wrestling with in the real world.

Who is Tom?

Final-smaller-100_3355_2_2 -lower qualityMy name is Tom Cooper and I spent more than 20 years working as a hands on technologist and leader in  companies from startups to Fortune 500.  I'm a geek who personally wrote code, installed equipment, managed development teams and oversaw new product design and launch leading to millions of dollars in sales.
Today I am an executive coach, public speaker and trainer who works with leaders and teams of highly technical experts to help them do a better job leading others.  
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