Are you ready to grow?

You’ll get help in the following areas:

  • Getting Projects Done - Easy tools to make your projects better
  • Clear Communications planning - keeping everyone in the loop
  • Core Time Management - focusing on first things first
  • Effective Delegation - you can hand things off (and have them done well)
  • Simply Effective Meetings - 3 steps to shorter, more effective meetings 
  • Working with difficult customers (or team members)

You’ll see results - or your money back

I know this works.  I’ve used these tools for years, and have taught them to people who have had great success, too.
Using this program I promise that you'll get results, or I’ll give you all your money back.
It’s as simple as this - you show me your filled in action plans, and tell me you’re not seeing results, and I’ll give you all your money back.
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  • Gerri - Sr. Project Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield
    "I’ve been consulting and doing project management for over 25 years. I was very impressed with Tom, his delivery, and his content. I learned quite a bit, and I thought I knew it all. I highly recommend Tom."
    Gerri - Sr. Project Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield

How Does It Work?

I've Been In Your Shoes

Tom - our principal geekTom Cooper here - I've been in your shoes.  I worked for more than 20 years in IT and software.  

I started out with a degree in computer science and was a hands-on technologist.  Over the years I moved from being an individual contributor to a technical lead, to a leader of individual contributors and eventually wound up as a VP of Products in a SaaS company doing work on big data.

I studied LOTS of things in my career - I held many certifications, too - the highest level certifications in the hottest technologies around (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.)  I took lots of classes, and attended team building events.

You know what those programs never taught me? 

business success 87 percent people knowledge 13 percent product knowledge stanford

It turns out that studies show that 87% of success comes from PEOPLE knowledge, and only 13% from product knowledge.  I didn't get the critical skills I needed to be effective.

I was in a leadership role, and wanted to move up, but I didn't have the core skills that I needed to be effective.  I guess my employers assumed I'd "figure it out."

I invested in myself

When I did learn that I needed skills I didn't have, I also found that my company was not always willing to send me to the training that I needed.  They didn't understand that investing in those "soft skills" would really pay off.  

I ended up reaching into my own pocket to pay for books, tapes, seminars, and classes.

Did it pay off?  You bet it did!  
I was working in a company where hiring was flat.  As I grew, and I helped my team,
  • We got more done.  
  • We had happier customers.  
  • We had less rework.
  • I got promoted.  Over and over again.
  • My teams were happy.
The results I started getting led leaders to believe that I needed more people - at first it was short-term consultants.  Eventually, even though they were not adding headcount elsewhere, my team got more permanent staff.
We had a great team, and after I left I stayed in touch with them.  Several years later, one of my team members said “Tom, when you left, it was like the magic left.”  I’m not magic, but this stuff really works.

But... I'm too busy to make time for that

I can relate to that, too.  We are all getting busier and busier.  Time seems to move faster, and the days seem shorter than ever - all while our project list gets longer and longer.
This program is the answer.
  • Each module is designed to be incorporated into your regular work schedule. 
  • The lessons are practical - assignments are based on using these tools on the work you’re already doing.
  • Each session takes less than 30 minutes - start to finish.
You can complete this program quickly without interrupting your regular work!  
This program is designed in bite-sized chunks to let you add in a little bit at a time.
It’s action-oriented so that you’ll get started quickly, create simple action plans, and see results right away.
How does it work?
This is a “blended learning” system, based on the needs of a busy professional.  
  • Online audio lessons
  • Discussion guides so you can interact with team members
  • Worksheets and handouts to help drive the lessons home
  • Simple, USEFUL templates and worksheets to start using right away, and 
  • A follow up system that helps remind you what to do and how to do it.
You can do this on your own, or as a team.
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